Glory only to GOD.
Herein below a Chapter No. 33 (1.9.6) from the Book is given. It is to correct the people pretending / acting as little-gods. Nobody shall misuse the contents. All people including the biggest sinner Naarayanan are GOD's children, and they can approach only GOD for Pardon. People should not accuse them for the simple reason that GOD do not like children accusing in between. Further, those who consider themselves as Good and Clean do not know whether they have done Bigger mistakes in their past births....
GOD is Love. The Supreme Mother of the Universe pardons, punishes, and corrects all children in accordance with the Supreme Science of Justice, Omkaara NeethiShaasthram.

Chapter 33

The people acting as Little Gods will blink internally at the Scientific Script of OM,
but externally may even claim that they know all such matters, some may climb up further to comment that the Scientific Symbol of OM is not important in present day life.
However, it is a warning that they should not go further to negate Akshara Brahmam of OM,
because such attempts will award very big sins / punishments.
AMRITA TV as well as similar organizations all over the world,
 may begin Corrections by Using the Right AKSHARA BRAHMAM available on top of this

The common people as well as the VIPs like the Central Govt. Ministers and the State Govt. Ministers, etc.
used to visit those Divine-VIPs telling they receive advices and blessings. The Ministers usually visit at the expense of the People (spending Public Fund).
Indeed it is great, if People with Divine Blessings live in a country. At the same time, the people will be ill-lucky if they and their leaders/rulers get cheated by men/women pretending as Super-Gods or Little-Gods.
The ignorant leaders are doing bad to the Public & to the Public Fund.

If those acting as Super-Gods or Little-Gods are really acting for bread, fame, etc.,
they are the biggest non-believers in GOD.

The Supreme Mother has blessed me to know (about) many,
and the Supreme Mother decides whether I need to know more.
But those Little-Gods & Super-Gods do know ; and the Sins (alone) in them don't (may not) know that GOD knows,
as they don't know GOD. 
Hence  I humbly request those NOs to correct their activities by repenting publicly in order to highlight Science, thereby GOD. GOD will become the Supreme Justice only if/when GOD serves Equal Justice to Everything /Every Creature (created by GOD). 

It is easy to illustrate the activities of the Evil or Wrong Persons.
Everyone will find them quoting only the Words from the different Religious Books, and they actually deliver nothing new in their Speeches.
Thus they become a representative of one or many religion (s). His/Her Diary Notes, if received/opened after his/her death, one will find his /
her uncompleted Programs marked in the Diary (for the Future)
remain as proofs for his/her Imperfection / Fraud.
 A good
many of them are even declaring often that they will
reborn after death and come to save people.
Their such words make it very clear that
they have less or no information
about the Opening of Maya
as well as about the
Activities of
The People acting as Super-Gods, Little Gods, etc. as well as the Political & Religious People disturbing the common People
are kindly requested to start correcting their errors.
The earlier the better can be understood
from Part 1 of this Web site.
May GOD Bless Them
with Truth, Duties &
Virtues, and
Letter to Scholars, asking them to stop Unscientific Preaching for Unscientific Worship,
plus a Chapter from the Book to correct people pretending as little-gods.
Though the Letter is addressed to Amrita TV, the contents are meant for all/different religious men acting as Scholars. It is intended only to correct them, so that they earn only Holiness. Other and/or all People are advised /warned Not to misuse the contents.
The following letter was sent to Amrita TV by e-mail on 05 Feb 2009, as Comments to their 'SandhyaDeepam' Program, with a forwarding sentence to their BCJ Program, asking them that the following comments about AmritaTV's SandhyaDeepam Program may be checked  for admitting it into bcj on their own. Mail addresses :,,,,,,

Glory only to GOD.



Indeed, GOD blesses the Good intentions maintained in SandhyaDeepam. However, there are a lot of errors in the Messages conveyed to Public. All people behind SandhyaDeepam Programme might know that they also earn Punyam (Blessings) as well as Paapam (Sin) for their part of work / activity. Perhaps the following comments may lead them to reduce their Sin and earn more Punyam or only Punyam :
1. Though GOD alone is to be worshipped, GOD does not earn anything from People' worship as GOD is the Creator & Supplier of everything including the Supreme Universe. However, GOD allows People to worship GOD to make them happy and grateful, but it is strictly limited to One Distinguished Birth out of the 100 Births, that too falls within their 90 to 95 births when GOD blesses them with the Complete Science of the Supreme Universe thru GOD's Representative ParamSivan in the 2nd Part of the Creation Cycle, after the Opening of Maaya, by activating the Neurons in their Head. Many of you may know that the Neurons in Human Head are always used only less than 5%  (pi = 3.14%). The Balance is reserved in Man for Divine Activation to contain the Supreme Science. People blessed with the Supreme Science weeps at the Glory of GOD and then only worships GOD, after knowing the complete meaning of Life which is also part of the Supreme Science.
The 2nd Part of the Creation Cycle will soon begin, and all People will hear continuously for 3 years, the Supreme Laughter of the Supreme Mother of the Universe, OM = Shabdha Brahmam = Akshara Brahmam = Creational Sound = Destruction Horn of Every Creation Cycle.
The Programmers of SandhyaDeepam are obliged to learn self and advise / tell * people to worship only GOD, that too after knowing the Complete Science from GOD. Instead, when their message tend people to worship the Personalities appointed by GOD for different works in the first MahaaKaalaChakram, like Sivan (not ParamaSivan), Durga, Naarayanan, etc, the Programmers will earn a part of People's Sin for they worship not GOD. For e.g. Naarayanan was a Special Personality appointed in the first MahaaKaalaChakram to write the History with Naarayam. Later, he as well as Durga tried the worst role of becoming GODs by misusing the Powers entrusted to them. Durga is eliminated in 2006. Naarayanan continued like the King of Evils for a long period, and GOD sent ParamaSivan as Cryst to make good the Evil Spirit, and he is now reborn as a Man knowing his past.
You might know that Siva as well as ParamaSivan too worship the Single GOD, the Supreme Mother of the Universe, MahaaJagadamba, MahaaDevi. The Supreme Mother has availed human body too. All Scientific Details are available in the web site
MahaaDevi = MahaaDevan = the Supreme Boss = the Supreme Servant alone is to be worshipped. Please understand that the Supreme Mother blesses ParamaSivan as MahaaDevan only in the MahaaShivaRaathri, which is a Supreme Night once in 50 years. Hence People should refrain from considering ParamaSivan as MahaaDevan.  Soon the Opening of Maaya, and GOD does not want People's support / help to establish the Supreme Science , to establish Divine Rule, etc. Soon the Terrorism, etc will also be deleted....
I repeat, this Note is basically meant for the Programmers of SandhyaDeepam who knowingly or unknowingly consider many as GOD, and ask /tend People also to worship many as GOD, and right/divine/scientific enthusiasm be applied in your Program, so that No Sin fall upon the Programmers.  * Please understand that GOD does not request you to advise / tell people to worship GOD. You are doing it as a Self-obligation and/or for your happiness / satisfaction. Please understand that GOD does not need your or anybody's support / help for establishing the Supreme Science. You are advising on your own for your satisfaction, but when you promote unscientific worship (unknowingly or knowingly) you are earning small- small- big- big sins. The Supreme Power is ever Supreme to establish the Supreme Science. The Creatures who needs Power from the Supreme Power even to talk about anything including Worship should rightly understand that the Supreme Power is always the Supreme Giver /Supplier. Briefing...


I love you all including your Mr. Girish Kumar. Since his part in the Program is more scholarly, he needs more blessings from GOD. Because he may earn More Punyam as well as More Sin for his part. Please pass the following message to him.
// Recently Mr. Girish Kumar has enthused to describe the Divine Mother's Body-Beauty. He tried a lot to describe each part of the body, including the Breast. Indeed, there are a few people who rightly understand the Divine Mother's Body-Beauty. But he missed a few points. (1) He did not personally see the Divine Mother...  .(2)  The Divine Mother did not ask him to describe the Divine Mother's Body-Beauty.  (3) Will he like and/or approve anybody describing Personal Matters of the Body-Beauty of anybody's Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, etc.  (4) GOD has blessed all creatures with Complete Personal Freedom to use or not to use anything and to do or not to do anything as per Dharma Shaastram (the Science of Duties & Virtues). Hence a man enjoys the authority to describe about his Personal Body Beauty to others who are interested to hear it. But he does not enjoy any authority to describe others' Personal Body Beauty, etc to Public.  Primarily, GOD is MahaaShakthi, the Supreme Power. When GOD avails a Figure, it is to make the Creatures more Happy. When GOD avails such Figure, it is Personal. At such time, others do not enjoy any authority to describe others' Personal Body Beauty, etc to Public.  If or when GOD avails the figure of a very old woman, how can Girish Kumar or any other scholar describe the Divine Mother's Body-Beauty....  (5) There are more scientific criticism. But GOD blesses him not be criticized more .... hence limits.
For his and others information, he described about the Body-Beauty of Durga. In the 1st MahaaKaalaChakram, Durga also tried to become GOD thru very bad tricks. It was also a fact that she was the Number 1 Beauty in the 1st MahaaKaalaChakram. She is no more, withdrawn in 2006. The 1st Creation Cycle of the 2nd MahaaKaalaChakram has begun after 1000 Crores of Years. And the Supreme Mother of the Universe is taking Complete Charge of the Supreme Administration of the Supreme Universe from this Creation Cycle which has Supreme Specialty due to the Supreme Importance that the Supreme Mother also avails Supreme Body, the first time, hence this Creation Cycle will be called as the Supreme Creation Cycle.
The Supreme Mother will bless all People including Mr. Girish Kumar ( in his future birth !), with the Supreme Sight. Then He/She will never describe the Supreme Mother's Body-Beauty, but enjoy the MahaaVaathsalyam (Supreme Love).
Mr. Girish Kumar, my dear son, I try only to make you more good and valuable. Be informed that MahaaDevi is caring you more, that is why MahaaDevi made me, this blessed MahaaDevi's MahaaDaasan (Supreme Servant), and your Daasan (Servant) to write about your activities too. May MahaaDevi bless you more. With Prayers, and love, ParamaSivan @ SamhaaraDevan @ MahaaDevi's MahaaDaasan @ the Father & Servant of All Creatures including the Programmers of SandhyaDeepam.
Glory only to GOD =
Om MahaaShakthi Mannadi MahaaBhadraKaali Divya Divya Divya DivyaMahaaDevikku Maathram Mahathvam.
Divya = Srushti MahaaDevi, the Supreme Mother who does the Supreme Creation alone.
Divya = Sthithi MahaaDevi,  the Supreme Mother who does the Supreme Protection alone.
Divya = MahaaNeethipathi, the Supreme Mother who does the Supreme Justice including Samhaaram (Destruction of Creation Cycles)
Divya = Supreme Human Name of the Supreme Mother while availing Human body.
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