Glory only to GOD.

The following letter sent on 25.04.2009 by E-mail, to M/s Amrita TV,
in their following addresses :, ; ; ; .
As indicated in the letter, Malayalam Pages added, and mail re-sent on 29.04.2009
Glory only to GOD.
Indeed, GOD blesses the Good intentions maintained in SandhyaDeepam.
All people behind SandhyaDeepam Programme might know that they also earn Punyam (Blessings) as well as Paapam (Sin) for their part of work / activity. Please be informed that this e-mail message is also published in the web site
Reference is made to a Story told on Friday, 17 April 2009 as part of SandhyaDeepam, that AgasthyaMuni once found his forefathers tied upside down for the reason that AgasthyaMuni did not marry, and in order to correct the Fatal Sin, he married soon.
There are many errors in the told story, however, a serious matter in the story relating with the 'Amritanandamayi' alone is mentioned, and it is to be rightly evaluated and/or realized. Like the parents of Agasthya Muni, the parents of Smt.Amritanandamayi will be punished, if she has not engaged in marital life secretly or publicly so far. As per OmkaaraNeethiShaasthram (the Supreme Science of Justice), she will also be punished. Further one should not conceal the Marital Status, and she has no escape. Please understand that I am describing Science, and I am not hitting at Womanhood ; in fact, I love her as my daughter * ; and she & all of you better take my advices as Requests of a Father for Repenting to the Supreme Power as well as the Supreme Mother who has been Creating & Protecting the Supreme Universe, take Corrective-Measures publicly including Public Confessions. There are many wrongs being practiced by you all people in trying to make her as a Little God, particularly an young man talking publicly too much who is understood as the 2nd in the Amrita Projects. You might know that the word Amrita is connected to Amrutham, a Drink ; but you do not know that Amrutham originated Evilly to suppress the Wrong Thirsts of many. If GOD wills, I may write about Amrutham  in the web site later. May GOD bless you to understand from the Divine Script of OM available in the web page, that you are all far away from the Supreme Science.
Please try to understand that MahaaGuru is MahaaDevi and that MahaaDevi Blesses only ParamaSivan (direct) to receive the Complete Supreme Science. All people including the Human-Gurus are imperfect until they receive MahaaShaasthram (the Supreme Science) through the Blessed ParamaSivan (in Dual-form : Half Woman-Half Man form) in One Human Birth, direct, in their 90th to 95th Births out of the 100 and/or 101 Human Births. Every Soul has to avail 50 Man-Births and 50 Woman-Births, and MahaaDevi Blesses them with the Supreme Science thru ParamaSivan, MahaaDevi's Supreme Servant and lone Representative, when the Soul avails Man-Birth. MahaaDevi begins Blessing with the Supreme Science only after the Opening of Maya, which will occur soon. It also means that one becomes Guru only in one Birth and only when MahaaDevi blesses a Soul with Supreme Science thru ParamaSivan when the Soul is in a He-body, a Man. During Blessing, the Neurons in Human-head becomes 100% (Completely) Activated to contain the Complete Science of the Supreme Universe. [The Neurons in all Human-heads are active presently only less than 5% ( connected with the Minus Powers Variation of pi % = 3.14% ), ]
No people should act as Guru until MahaaDevi blesses them individually thru ParamaSivan with the Supreme Science, direct. All people acting as Gurus spread the Wrongs they know about matters and that is the main reason why the Human Life on Earth became worse. You people including your chief, share the responsibility. Your Chief as well you all people don't know about Jeevi-Chakram (Creature-Cycles) and your Chief is often found spreading erred messages when I switch on the Amrita TV,  It is not good to buy Sins.  GOD = the Supreme Power = MahaaDevi has created the Supreme Universe and knows how to correct all people, at the Right Time decided by GOD. People should not act Unscientifically, because GOD has been creating and protecting the Supreme Universe including Creatures Scientifically. Unscientific teachings do not fit to the Universe, and that is the main reason why all Religions, political systems, economic systems etc fail, and developed the Global life from Best to almost Worst. If GOD wills, a letter in Malayalam language will be attached and this message re-sent later, and added in the web site too, in public interest.
May GOD Bless you to understand that you receive messages from me because of the reason that GOD loves you. The Supreme Power loves all Children, hence supplies children with opportunities to repent to GOD, correct errors, and live in peace and happiness.
May MahaaDevi bless you all. And all People including your chief can use the words "may GOD Bless You" only when they become individually Real Guru (s), that is, when MahaaDevi blesses them individually thru ParamaSivan, direct, with the Supreme Science.
With Prayers, and love, MahaaDevi's MahaaDaasan  @ ParamaSivan @ SamhaaraDevan @ the Father & Servant of All Creatures including the Programmers of SandhyaDeepam.
c/o  the web site
Glory only to GOD =
Om MahaaShakthi Mannadi MahaaBhadraKaali Divya Divya Divya DivyaMahaaDevikku Maathram Mahathvam.
* MahaaDevi has Blessed me as ParamaSivan & placed ParamaSivan as the Father of All Creatures.
The following 4 pages added to the above letter and mail sent again to the addressees on 29 April 2009.

Quote : " 

Glory only to GOD.
Dear Children of GOD,
As promised in my mail sent to you on 25.04.2009, I have added 4 Malayalam Pages in the Web site. It is serious in connection with your new serial understood to be telecasting from 03 May 2009.
To View the added pages, you may click here :
Further, please be informed that, my comments on Amrita .... seems ending today.
May GOD Bless You and All with Truth, Duties & Virtues, and Justice.
With Prayers, and love, MahaaDevi's MahaaDaasan  @ ParamaSivan @ SamhaaraDevan @ the Father & Servant of All Creatures.  c/o  the web site
Glory only to GOD =
Om MahaaShakthi Mannadi MahaaBhadraKaali Divya Divya Divya DivyaMahaaDevikku Maathram Mahathvam.


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